Marilyn Manson making his first movie.?

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Marilyn Manson making his first movie.?

Post by Nigredo »

In No. 3 October/November ORKUS Magazine there is an article about Manson making his first movie. Here is how it reads.

Provocative shock rocker Marilyn Manson is currently perparing his first movie. Phantasmagoria The Vision Of Lews Carroll, as the project is entitled, tells the story of Alice in Wonderland creator and weirdo Lewis Carroll, so be sure to await dark, thrilling and bizarre horror/fantasy eycandy which is expectes to hit the screens in 2007. According to rumours, director Manson wants Jonny Depp for one of the leading roles but as yet nothing is confirmed.
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Post by The Fallen »

Sounds like a rip-off of American McGhee's Alice, which unfortunately is starring Sarah Michelle Gellar
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Post by karlaBOO »

What, they don't count Jawbreaker as his first movie? :lol: *snort*

*I know they're not talking about acting, btw.*
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Post by footprintzinthesand »

karlaBOO wrote:What, they don't count Jawbreaker as his first movie? :lol: *snort*

*I know they're not talking about acting, btw.*

That scene was fucking hilarious..... :-) "Here I am, rock you like a hurricane....."
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Post by junkie christ »

your news is old and bad. heres a thread i put up months ago on this one, much more informative.

Depp did not end up in the project. Manson is doing the role of Carroll himself. The movie is already doing some of its principal filming now.
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Post by ArsenicAngel »

Orkus mag. often takes six months to translate in English. To get the most updated news you need to be able to read German.
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