local mall discrimiates against goths

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Postby karlaBOO » Fri Feb 21, 2003 2:45 pm

Bone wrote:
Outside of that I would at least be contacting the corporations that carry the items in question for sale within the mall and make sure they know that the mall Bans customers wearing the Items they sell. Knox Center is hurting bad enough right now for renters that threats of their current (and future...read hot topic) longterm renters pulling out due to such a policy might make em rethink.

Hot Topic is not going to open a store at Knoxville Center, according to their DM. They will be opening a HT store and a separate Torrid store at West Town.

According to what Connie told me of her initial impressions of the security guard, SHE has probably seen some persecution herself in this town. It could have been an incorrect observation of HER (security guard). But, it makes me wonder how it can be that SHE can discriminate so easily.....
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Postby morellademone » Fri Feb 21, 2003 3:09 pm

I do understand club policies better than I do mall policies. I have been at some pretty rough shows and thank god they didn't allow spikes at them. If the mall wants to enforce a dress code then I want to push them to post it or enforce it on everyone at the damn door so that I know where I stand. Not," oh hey you can't be here," after I have been there and for almost an hour. I can understand kicking someone out based on their behavior but not outfit. I tend to dress the same way every day, not just when I go out to the club. Minus the club shoes and dresses I live this way every day. You won't see me looking like a prep going to the mall, ever. I am fortunate that the company I work for lets me dress the way that I want to, I don't have to look "corperate" at work therefore why should I look "corperate" to shop. Even though I have taken a slight pay cut by working my present job I don't mind, I don't have to sacrifice myself in order to work there and even the big dogs of the company respect me for it. No offense shadow but I have been in this scene for a long time and since I was a teenager. I have dealt with quite a bit of negativity over it in society which I don't think you could understand. Evolving from a young age into what I am today was a slow progression. I have paid my dues so to speak. Back when I started going out people in the scene weren't as nice as they are now, you really had to earn it back then. The first year I went out to clubs few people would talk to me bucause I was young and they figured I wouldn't be around for very long, understandable. That was the attitude back then and the scene as we have it today is much different and must more open which I think is what you have experienced. I'm not trying to sound holier than thou but I'm getting older and less tolerant of being treated or talked to like a punk ass kid in public by people like this particular security guard. When I was younger (based on my age) I was probably taken for a "rebelious brat" by some but that's just how it goes. In fact many people tried to convince me that it was "just a stage" and that I would grow out of it. Now I am in mid 20's and still like the same things. Back then I was young and took more b.s. because I was more introverted and less opinionated. Today I rufuse to let people step all over me for the way that I look. They can gawk all they want but not refuse me the right to shop in the same mall that I have gone to since I was a child. Those so called "brats" may evolve into the next generation who knows. I would say that your experience with both the scene and lifestyle is probably very different than mine. Different time and space. No offense that's just a fact. I have met some real "brats" out there don't get me wrong but some of them just want to be respected and put up an attitude because of the way they have been treated. Much like my attitude some of the time. I am not an angry person but sometimes I become truely outraged.
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Postby The Stormstress » Fri Feb 21, 2003 6:14 pm

:evil: This truly irks me! Maykyr went thru this n Phoenix, AZ (so it's far beyond the realm of mtn redneck mentality); he and his friends were repeatedly asked 2 leave the mall there for wearing spikes, handcuffs, wallet chains,... I think that, in this case, the truest defense is that the spiked collars r sold in the same mall in which they r forbidden 2 b worn! Hippocracy with a side of ignorance, anyone?! :evil:
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Postby celticsmith » Fri Feb 21, 2003 7:08 pm

I can see where Connie was harrassed whereas I have never been. When I go shopping all armored up, I can be quite scary. Admittedly I do it on purpose so that people will be exquisitely polite to me for fear I will become a raging monster.

Connie is quite the opposite. She is a cute as a button little bitty thing that looks easy to intimidate but is in fact a raging monster in disguise just waiting for a victim!

No, wait....Janell is the raging monster...

I am so confused.

I am almost tempted to call out the Vampirate brigade for an all day shopping expedition in full regailia......ON A SUNDAY!!!

I do need a blue feather boa.....as well as a blue corset.
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Postby pryjmaty » Fri Feb 21, 2003 7:59 pm

Doc has never been harassed for his appearance either. I've never really been harassed, just received the look that Connie was talking about"you better not ever look like that".

I am all up for a mass goth convergence on K Center! Esp. if it's on a Sun. :twisted:
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Postby digita1pixie » Fri Feb 21, 2003 9:32 pm

LadyIvanna wrote:Doc has never been harassed for his appearance either. I've never really been harassed, just received the look that Connie was talking about"you better not ever look like that".

I am all up for a mass goth convergence on K Center! Esp. if it's on a Sun. :twisted:

Deja Vu?

Gothic Shopping...now where have I heard that before?

*thinks about surfing thru 3000 posts on the old forum to find the event from 2 christamas' ago*

Hey thats where I met CS and BearDragonLady n stuff. :lol:

Hmm I think untill this terrorist orange alert is over, I'm gonna avoid buildings with large amounts of people.

Oh wait, I do that anyway!
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