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Unused accounts

Postby wilted_roze » Sun May 23, 2004 5:09 pm

Hi. I used to post as minor_threat_sheep_rarrr and apparently I didn't post enough because the account must've been deleted. BUT I tried making FOUR other account names. They are as follows- willow_rose, wilted_rose, bitchO, and wilted_roses. wilted_rose and wilted_roses both said to activate the account but I never received an Email. willow_rose and bitchO my best friend didn't like. SO I made the account I'm using now. I ONLY NEED the account I'm using now. I'm sorry I made so many but I panicked because I couldn't get into my old account.

So if you need to delete accounts that are not going to be used, please feel free to delete the ones I just named. I will never use them for there is no need to. I am fine with just the one I am currently using.

Thank you VERY much for your time and your help with this.

As a suggestion though, I'd like to suggest that an Email be sent out to accounts that might be deleted.

Thank you.

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