any daughters about 3 years old?

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any daughters about 3 years old?

Postby Noritha » Mon Oct 06, 2003 3:01 pm

I'm needing to find someone to give a buncha kids cloths to. Fall and winter stuff.

My daughter's birthday is November 22 and she'll be 4. I'm thinking we need to clothing adopt a girl who is 2.5 or 3 years old.

And, if anyone has a girl who'll be turning 5 or 6 this fall/winter and you want rid of some cloths, lemme know.

hmmmmm maybe we should start some trade chain.....

anyway her stuff isn't dark or spooky, and she's blonde so a lot of it is pinks and purples.

email me noritha at yahoo dot com.
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Postby junkie christ » Thu Oct 09, 2003 1:53 pm

i know alot of parents. ill ask around.
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Postby The_Lady_Aphrodite » Mon Dec 22, 2003 4:56 pm

MY daughter is turning six next week.... she is quite tall pm me the sizes you need and i might be able to help she keeps growing like a frigging weed and is a "creative chitlin with extreme tastes" lol. But her g/parents insist on prissy so you never know what i may have..................
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Postby RavenLunatic » Sat Jan 03, 2004 4:44 pm

My daughter is turning 3 this month, I also have a son who just turned 4! I gladly accept and appericiate hand-me-downs!
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