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Remade Clothing Survey

Postby Ladybee » Sun Feb 23, 2003 11:00 pm

Hey yall, i am doing some research for an essay i'm writing on remade clothing and i wondered if anyone here would be interested in answering my survey for it. Here are the questions:

1.) Have you ever had to remake a garment in order to repair it (i.e., a sleeve on a great-fitting dress gets torn beyond patching, so you put in totally new sleeves rather than throw it out)?

2.) Have you ever had to remake a garment because you could not afford new (i.e., take a pair of your husband's worn out pants to make a pair of pants for your son)?

3.) Do any examples in literature occur to you of remaking garments out of economic necessity (i.e., the frequent remades of the girls in Little Women, or the transformation from curtains to gown of Scarlett O'Hara's green velvet dress)?

4.) Have you ever chosen to remake a garment in order to make the original more aesthetically pleasing (i.e., adding cuffs or recutting a neckline or adding panels to a skirt to accomodate a change in size)?

5.) How about to make the original more aesthetically confrontational (i.e., punks taking plaid golf pants and sewing zippers and patches all over them)?

6.) I can think of several examples of remade techniques crossing over into readymades--split jeans seams with inserts/godets to make bellbottoms or "phat pants", those denim skirts that are made to look like they once were jeans with the faux "crotch seam" and CB/CF godets, 80s jeans manufactured and sold new with back-patched ladder-slashes down the legs. What are some you have noticed?

7.) Do you believe remades have the potential to be considered art?


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Postby faeriegirl » Sun Feb 23, 2003 11:11 pm

i made a dress i intended to wear as a maternity 'club' outfit (gosh that sounds horrible) but it looked all wrong (it was my first attempt at sewing) so I ripped the skirt part of it off and hemmed some elastic and a drawstring into it and made a open front over skirt to wear over pants (its cute now)
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Postby celticsmith » Tue Feb 25, 2003 12:09 pm

I recently took an 80's style above the waist tux jacket and transformed it into a 18th century style long coat.

I seldom can find clothes that I like....and often when I do they are so poorly made that they barely last through one laundry cycle.
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