pollution may help the planet?!?!

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pollution may help the planet?!?!

Postby footprintzinthesand » Fri Nov 17, 2006 2:46 am

...so everybody leave your cars running when not in use... If you can, just buy a damn truck... diesel should help the atmosphere...

http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20061116/ap_ ... ed_by_haze

Oook, that seriously has to be some of the stupidest shit i've heard in my entire lifetime, my lifetime that'll be dramatically shortened by this insane shit if it's set into motion. Don't they think we've caused enough fucking damage? Now they're gonna attempt to reverse it, and freeze/choke us out in the process? LET THE SHIT BE. Even if it's a last resort, it should never happen. Hmm, lessee... fry alive, or smother on contaminants n have your respiratory system burnt out? Which way you wanna go out? :-? You'd think they would try to advertise more often about just being conservative n NOT causing pollution whenever possible. Just about ANY idea is surely better than THIS idea... Something as lame as gigantic filtration systems would probably be more helpful than this. Instead, they wanna pollute the planet even MORE??? "Yeah, do whatever the hell you guys want. Humans are only guinea pigs, after all."


Short-term exposures to high levels of sulfur dioxide can be life-threatening. Exposure to 100 parts of sulfur dioxide per million parts of air (ppm) is considered immediately dangerous to life and health. Previously healthy nonsmoking miners who breathed sulfur dioxide released as a result of an explosion in an underground copper mine developed burning of the nose and throat, breathing difficulties, and severe airway obstructions. Long-term exposure to persistent levels of sulfur dioxide can also affect your health. Lung function changes have been observed in some workers exposed to 0.4–3.0 ppm sulfur dioxide for 20 years or more. However, these workers were also exposed to other chemicals, making it difficult to attribute their health effects to sulfur dioxide exposure alone. Additionally, exercising asthmatics are sensitive to the respiratory effects of low concentrations (0.25 ppm) of sulfur dioxide.

Yeah, I should probably add a yahoo news link into my signature... lol
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Postby iblis » Sat Nov 18, 2006 10:36 am

now that's just silly.
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