dark emotions

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dark emotions

Postby gothic_spleen » Sun Sep 24, 2006 5:29 pm

The emotions you feel are: guilt, depression and misunderstood.You are a very special person, even though people may not see you this way. When around people, you pretend to be somebody totally different from who you really are. There might be a person in your life with who you can truly be yourself, or there might not be.. which would make everything so much worse for you.. It is most likely that you act cheerful and normal towards other people, when inside of you there are so many emotions buttled up, its unbearable.. Do you even know why you act the way you do? You probaly hate it that the people around you dont see all that feelings you hide from them; they must be either very blind or stupid, or they just dont want to admit to themselves that youre not who you seem right? You have had a rough past, which is the reason for you feeling the way you do now. All of this made one good thing happen to you though: you have become an incredibly strong person. You seem to be able to deal with your problems all the time, even though there are times you just want to scream, cry, jump out of your skin, or anything like that.. But you never do.. You really need a person to talk to and to be honest with that will understand, because trust me; you will feel better! I know exactly how you feel, and I wish you luck! Colour: BlackPositive traits: Very strong, smart, kind Negative traits: Bottles up too many emotions and too many secrets to be able cope with.Element: NightPlease rate and/or message!

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