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Postby sinful_fetish » Mon Nov 08, 2004 11:14 pm


You are a goblin! A drunken, mischievous layabout who never stops laughing! You hang around in a group and spend most of your time scaring people.
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Postby MadHatter » Tue Nov 09, 2004 4:47 pm

You are a fiery! You're wild, red and outrageous and you live life like it's all just a huge game. You love to dance and you also have a detachable head.
:twisted: Works, at least I can toss my head around.
Was I just here?
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Postby shadow dancer » Sat Nov 13, 2004 8:01 pm


Hmmm. Amusing.
I'm not wicked. I'm just viciously mischievous.
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