The Matrix Online FREE for the next 10 days only.

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The Matrix Online FREE for the next 10 days only.

Postby Scorptrio » Wed May 18, 2005 3:25 pm


The Matrix Online Team is pleased to announce the Friends & Family Trial Program that will take place from May 20th-29th, 2005 during the next major live event, "The Hunt for Morpheus." On Thursday, May 12th all current subscribers to The Matrix Online will be e-mailed 3 trial keys and a game client download link. Each of these keys will allow a non-subscriber guest to sign-up and play the game during this live event.

Full Details at: ... 50605.html

Yes, my beloved KG family, your brother Scorptrio is in possession of 12 Matrix Online account keys. Five of them are spoken for but seven can be had for a smile. You will need a pretty phat system to run the game and a broadband connection for the many gigabyte install download, but if you are ready to take the Red Pill for a free trial, PM, IM or EM me and will meet at the Erie Street Bridge and take a ride to the Heart o’ the City Hotel.

For those of you who do not have a Windows PC capable of running the game –cough-Bone-cough- then please contact me and come visit and play on my systems (up to two at a time on the same server.) Those interested in an MxO LAN party also inquire, as I can host several machines at my location on a full T1 line.


Morpheus, the once-beloved Zion visionary leader, takes center stage in "The Hunt for Morpheus" event. Continuing to pursue the haunting question "Why won't they give up his remains?" Morpheus resorts to drastic measures to persuade the Machines to return Neo's body to the people of Zion. The fragile truce between the Machines and the people of Zion begins to shred under this added strain, and the Merovingian takes advantage of their distraction, intensifying his efforts to expand the Exiles' power base. Tensions run high on all sides, and Morpheus becomes the focus of the chaos to ensue.
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