E-Z Hot Curried Fruit

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E-Z Hot Curried Fruit

Postby faeryrealm » Thu Oct 26, 2006 9:24 am

Use the large (1 lb-something) cans, or two 15 oz cans, of the following:
pineapple chunks, drained
sliced peaches, UNdrained
apricots, drained (or use one 11 oz package dried apricots)

Add one 15 oz can tart cherries (just cherries, not pie fillling), drained

One cup brown sugar

One 12 oz can ginger ale

1/2 teaspoon curry powder (or a little more if you really like curry)

Dump everything in a crock pot and cook on low for at least 5 hours. Serve over cake or ice cream or even French toast. It's really good over frozen Sara Lee pound cake.

If you don't have a crock pot, put it in a large buttered glass dish and bake at 350 degrees for 20-30 minutes or until hot.
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