Barnabas Collins

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Barnabas Collins

Postby Zeo » Sat Sep 09, 2006 4:48 am

This is a cocktail that Rue and I have finally perfected after much brooding and debate. We had plenty of Kirsch left over from the Black Forrest cake last year. The cake is from an old Romanian recipe we found in a certain black book. We've had almost an entire bottle of Kirschwasser left over since.... now what now to do with rest of the Kirsch?

Barnabas Collins:

1 part Kirschwasser

1 part Tom Collins mix

2 parts club soda

I use a single (1.5 fl. oz.) shot glass and pour the ingredience in a tumbler.
Here is how I mix mine.

3 small ice cubes in a tumbler


1 shot Kirsch

1 shot Tom Collins mix

2 shots of club soda

Garnish with a maraschino cherry and teaspoon of cherry juice to taste.

Shake gently, and enjoy.

This may well replace Black Tower Rivaner as our drink of choice for our nights of brooding and watching Dark Shadows in the back room on dark stormy nights.
Black Tower may be known in certain circles as the “panty dropperâ€
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