Raging spirit

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Raging spirit

Postby gothic_spleen » Sat Sep 09, 2006 2:36 am

Raging Spirit

This spirit rages within.

Slowing only as blades go in.

Pain races with flight.

The endorphins reach a new height.

This spirit is rightly caged.

It only releases with age.

As time passes by.

This spirit begins to cry.

On a lonely dirt path.

My spirit wonders, wanting peace at last.

This path is narrow and steep.

Along this path the spirit weeps.

Along this path is strife.

Comforted only by the knife.

Through this path the pain will end.

My spirits self inflicting agony must end.

A warrior spirit resides with me.

A poet can only calm me.

Along this path both can walk.

Only through me can they both talk.

This spirit has reached the destination.

The spirit is now without agrivation.

This spirit is now in my heart.

I am better now, better than start.

By, Andrew Cummings (Rev. Spleen)
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