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Postby sapphirerose » Wed Jun 21, 2006 9:49 pm


What it is to want
And to want to need
Something significant
If you please....
The desire for peace
Vacant stares and the stagnant silence.....stated as
'Childish assumptions' and I don't agree...
It brings disaster to a boil
Drop on your knees
And touch the soil
Frayed thoughts turn brave,
Triumphant in one's stand
It goes hand in hand

Making sense
In past's difficult to comprehend
What time cannot mend
And there is a story
Within these words
If one can converge
What lies beneath
The intelligence required
Grasp with your teeth
I seethed with anger in a state unaware
Countless excuses and numerous pairs....standing straight and tall and amidst them all...
Was me.
Dragged helplessly
And cornered against a wall
Listening to them all
Feeling tiny and needing to repair the damage done....

My mind is on the run
Defending my rights is a neverending fight
The protective stance it's my innocent dance
With the devil.....labeled a fool as I fell into a pool....of water
On a sidewalk
It's all my fault, pick the vault
Within it lies my confusion
A vast illusion
Of shattered dreams and broken promises.
The timeless cliche
I wallow into the delusion that fills the void completely.....
The aftermath is considerable and I suffer in silence
Pleading not guilty to a charge of stupidity.
The drunken rage took over what normally would've been covered
And now the truth lies open in the now empty battlefield.
Insane jealousy for no apparent reason.
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