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Postby sapphirerose » Sun May 21, 2006 2:41 pm

I'm still sitting here avoiding interaction because I don't know of anything worthwhile to say, at least at this moment. Noisy palace of pranksters and they are schitzoid by nature inhaling sugar substances and caffeine in cans just to stay on top of things. The new seeds stare helplessly around trying to find their niche. Uncomfortable solitude entertains our bored selves by creating opportunities for bad art and worse poetry. Forced smiles intrigue the pessimistic individuals who know that we'd all rather be doing something else. Over-qualified and underpaid and yet we continue to stay in our time slots hooked up to the modules that provide paychecks. Computerized stalls crammed next to one another is the image I see everyday with the two day exception, a minor vacation to vacate the premises and be normal again. And isn't that an issue to discuss? The normalcy factor produces the shallow trust we feed on everyday. Consuming all that we can while we can, it's an endless fight to take all. and yet all these ideas and images mesh together in the soft cells of my brain. Blurry vision on the dirty screen and another viewer complains about someone's manicure. Crumpled dollar bills and stained change filtering through the vending machines and why is all the food orange? It's a conspiracy of sorts and I form the associations in my mind with care. We're all a product to be marketed and sold sooner or later and when asked to slit our wrists, will we bleed orange?
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