Should I Care?

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Should I Care?

Postby Cryso lueth Wylthen » Mon Aug 15, 2005 10:38 pm

Should I Care?

You come to me for a shoulder to cry on
Your wet cheek brushes on my rough brawn
I twist my head to meet you eye to eye
As you continue to hold me and cry

I try to push you away, but you won't let go
I'm trying to get away, I don't want to know.
I'm sick of being stepped on, tired of being used.
All the help and compassion I gave was just abused.

Before you come and cry to me, soaking your hair
Just ask, why should I even care?
You mean nothing to me, you are nothing to me
Just get away from me, let me be free

You tried to take my hand when you wanted,
But when I offered it, you ran and taunted.
I am not a toy, a trophy, or a game for you to play.
I am a man, a human, and now I have something to say

You pushed, you pulled, and tried to break me apart
You claim you never want for any of this to start
But it's all a lie, nothing you said was true
I am no fool, I didn't begin to trust you.

Only fools make the same mistakes twice
For me, trusting someone would make it thrice
I am stronger than the wind, more solid than stone
Do you think I really care after what you've shown?

I only care about one person,
and that person alone.
That person is me,
So can't you see?

I don't need you, I don't want you.
Just go away and let me be
Take your games when you do
So I can finally be free

What makes you so special that you can demonize me?
What makes you think you're someone I care to be?
You've chosen your path, and helped me to see
That the only person that can be trusted, is me.

So here is my shoulder, come cry if you will
Scream and strain until your voice grows shrill
Look into my eyes if you think you can bear
To hear the truth, that I really don't care.
Aww crap, I'm legal >.<
~runs, hides, and is never seen again~
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