Burn for "Glory"

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Burn for "Glory"

Postby Cryso lueth Wylthen » Mon Aug 15, 2005 10:21 pm

Burn for "Glory"

The mission of a Warrior is to serve his king
The sword of a Warrior is no ordinary thing
It helps him uphold justice and bring peace
His armor is carefully selected, every single piece.

Together they guide him on his own path
Striking all who must feel his mighty wrath
For a warrior must always be ready to burn
Because when the smoke clears, death is all you earn

The question that burns on my lips
That lies in all the gloomy crypts
Is a question so diverse and mysterious
That the only ones who answer, are usually delirious

Glory is nothing but another poisoned lie
Just another useless reason for us to die
It is just like the a woman's words and touch
It is damned, evil, and a useless crutch

A warrior should fight for his own beliefs
Glory is a venemous word spoken by the thief
The Thief who sacrifices your life for his greed
Because the warrior is all the strength they need.

Warriors are promised a lie called "love"
How can the "glory" of blood bring "love"?
How can the bloody adornments bring favor?
All it brings is a victory for the pigs to savor

Go ahead and Burn for your Glory
Make the battles bloody and gorey
Just be sure the cause is yours
And that you earn your sores.

Believe not a wenches lies
Sever the remaining ties
And learn to live your life
The way you want, without the strife.

A warrior always makes his or her own way.
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