Tale of the Demon's Grip

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Tale of the Demon's Grip

Postby Cryso lueth Wylthen » Mon Aug 15, 2005 9:52 pm

Tale of the Demon's Grip

In every land there is a man who loses his way
This stands true, for it happens everyday
This story is of a guardian's pain
And what happened in his disdain

It all began when he met a beautiful girl
Yes, that kind of story that will make you hurl
She batted her pretty black eyelashes
And had gold and silver dangling from her sashes

But what he did not know, is that she was cruel and cold
She was a villain, a banshee, a harpy, some evil to behold
He began to be entwined in her mystical web of lies
He even began to sever all of his remaining ties...

The warrior looked into her eyes and was lost..
Lost in a world that he never knew would cost..
Him everything he held dear to his heart.
Carelessly he tossed it all aside and began to depart

As he began to become more entranced
This demongirl's grip grew tighter as she danced.
Still, this warrior would not break her grip
Thinking blindly, that cupid stuck him with the poisoned tip

Until suddenly her release lightened
And the warrior stood, frightened.
He looked at the rubble about him
Shadows danced around as the sun grew dim

"Have I really forsakened all around me for her?
All because I looked into the eyes of azure."
As he realized what he had done
His eyes grew dead and dun

He stood and shouted, "I must right these wrongs"
Out he went returning things with fights and songs
The warrior battles now to regain all he has lost
He sets out to acquire all that he had tossed.

One day he will be the strongest
One day he will be the toughest
Once he realizes that he must do it on his own
Never trusting anyone, always being alone.
Aww crap, I'm legal >.<
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