"Freedoms' just another word"

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"Freedoms' just another word"

Postby Celestial Dung » Mon Dec 10, 2007 2:28 am

Lucy and Frank were sitting at CiCi's. Frank had offered to pay this time. He was on his fourth plate whereas Lucy was still playing with her first slice of barbecue pizza.

"It's those headaches. I keep having them whenever I try to see things." Lucy said

"Well stop trying to see shit."

"It's not that easy."

"Sure it is. Everytime you start to see something bat it out of your mind and say to yourself 'myself, there is no way in Hell I'm gonna start seeing something right now because I'm all out of Goody's headache powder.' After a while you'll start to listen to yourself."

"And that's how you do it." Lucy was double considering her barbecue pizza."

"Sure, it's easy enough. Here it's going on right now. See right now I'm trying to see something and I'm telling myself nope not going to do it, I"m not going to see it, I'm not even going to consider. And I'll bet you a free meal your allowing yourself to see it right now aren't ya."

Lucy looked up. She nodded her head and looked back down at the pizza plate.

"See you've gotta stop that Luce. We are all in control of our own minds. Some people want to eat cheetos all days and get real fat. some people want to fuck all day long and get some poor girl or themselves pregnent. Us? We wanna see things we have no business seeing and wind up going to the nutty farm. Like you're going to do if you keep this up."

"The dragon is winning."

"oh who gives a damn about the dragon? Know something I've got three quarters in my pocket right now. Over there is a neato arcade with Street Fighter II. Know how long it's been since I've seen Street Fighter II? I'm going to go over there right now and see if i can't beat Ryu's ass this time around. You go ahead and mess around with your dragons and dark forces I'm going to play video games."

Frank pushed his girth away from the table and wobbled toward the arcade. Lucy admired frank a good deal but tried not to let him know that. For five years he had been her constant companion, the only connection she had to a social world. He reveled in southern grossness but he was the strongest willed person she had ever met. He was the only person she knew that could get a job at the Knoxville News Sentinel as a Restroom reviewer, even if it has only lasted a month. His denial of the visions was another reason to stick my him. He could understand what she was going through and yet not get pulled into what she was going through. That was important.

Tomrorrow the world was going to end and the only man she had ever loved would go laughing into the darkness flipping the Universe off for one last time.

She walked over to Frank and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Could it hold up huh? I'm just about to rip old Chun Li a new one."

"Let's go home and screw."

"Well I'm up for that."

Frank and Lucy left CiCi's arm in arm and walked home to Adair. Tomorrow the universe will implode upon itself. Tomorrow the fundamental laws of the universe will be inactivate as the first forces regain hold upon the universe. Tomorrow memory and hope and dream will be extinguished.

But all that doesn't matter really.

NOTE: The title takes itself from "Me and Bobby McGee by Kris Kristofinson. Fits eh?
"Understand the procedure now? Just stop a few of their machines...throw them into darkness for a few hours and then sit back and watch the pattern. They pick the most dangerous enemy they can find and it's themselves."----Rod Serling
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