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goth shop sale on ebay

Postby batsandcats » Fri Mar 18, 2005 7:56 pm

hi guys - long time no see. Well as some of you know or don't know i used to own a store in NYC and i moved down to Bristol TN
i recently moved all my store stock down to the house down here and besides selling on

i have put everything on ebay as low as i can sell it for as well as some close outs from comanies such as lip service and i am supost to get some close outs from eternal love this week or next and everything will go up here ... 3aSTQQtZkm

keep checking back to this link new items added every week.
i will see you guys at santus and then we will be going to convergance maybe the month after that santus will let me vend - i don't know but i will ask on sunday

also if you guys want spooky toys or living dead dolls or Aleister Crowley taro cards check out this lijnk ... SLLRQQtZkm
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Postby WickedAnima » Thu Mar 24, 2005 12:30 am

Hey, I don't know if you're interested in this but...
I work in a neat shop down in Sylva, North Carolina, which is always looking for interesting cloths. If you are interested in consining, selling, or something else, then let me know.

here is the website:
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