Help with yarn hairfalls

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Help with yarn hairfalls

Postby forgotten » Wed Feb 09, 2005 6:29 am

I'm reposting this from the crafts section at the advice of karlaBOO, thanks for the recommendation.

After looking for a place to buy yarn falls and being highly disappointed in the quality and rather put off by the prices, I decided to take things into my own hands. A few prototypes and complete flops later I found a fantabulous formula that works for me, but now I have a problem...I'm bored with what I can do. I don't like working with synthetic hair, mostly because I like the huge, obviously fake diva I generally stick to yarn, ribbon, rexlace and at one point I had this really nifty rubber stuff that came with some Halloween glowsticks. Unfortunately I can't find the rubber anymore.
I have not seen anyone around here that wears the type of falls that I wear but I am kinda hoping its just because I don't really get out to Sanctus much. My question is.....does anyone around here make hair falls like this that has a little more experience than I do that can throw some new ideas my way or can anyone help me think of some different, lightweight materials to work with? Also if anyone has any clue how to succesfully mount the craft foam into falls I would greatly appreciate some advice on the matter...
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