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Word Fashion

Postby Celestial Dung » Sat May 24, 2003 1:49 pm

If we are to dress ourselves it only seems natural that we are to dress the words that represent a part of us. I propose a thread based around color schemes of words.

My opening statements.

It is best to compromise your aesthetic idea with a sense of practicality. Me I pick Dark Blue in the chatroom to correspond with the light purple background. This creates a pleasent aestheic and a readable style. Order makes easy style.

What I would not recomend are the carrot, dark red, or green colors as they are difficult to read and resonate a straing for the eyes.

The forum has a more more difficult scheme. It is alwasy diffiicult to find a way to play around with a purple background. So Far I have found that blue works resonably well.

Muti-hued words are for the experienced only. While the effect can be vivid the wrong combinations throw off the eyes. Plus you run the risk of obtrusing your text.
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Postby Imp » Sat May 24, 2003 7:43 pm

I dislike multi-hued words as a matter of principle- that principle being that my eyesight is horrible. focusing on one color per line, or one color per person in this chatroom, is easy enough- but to convince my eyes to focus and read multi-colored words causes pain. Same with anything without enough contrast- a medium purple font on a dark purple background, for example. Contrast is the key to readability.
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