Citizen X Inverview on 94.3 Extreme Radio

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Citizen X Inverview on 94.3 Extreme Radio

Postby –БArtãgñån– » Wed May 21, 2003 9:07 pm

This is Extreme Radio's PlayList for Sunday

HOUR 2 (11 p.m.)
10 Years-Wasteland
Joe and Brad-How To Save
The Shazam-We Think You're Dead
Vestle-Anger Managment

Citizen X-Procession Of The Equinox
Solvi-Burn Me In Effigy
The Suburban Urchins-My Friend The Television
One Armed Villain-Stereoscope
The Optic Nerves-Gay Potatos
Pegasi 51-This World Melts All Around Me (flashback)
Skinny Little White Girl-Rise
See Through Human-Fake Reality

The Phat A$$ interview-CITIZEN X

Further information can be found at
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