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Meg White Sex Tape

PostPosted: Mon Sep 24, 2007 10:31 am
by vertigo25
Have you heard?

I just watched it (there's a rapidshare link to a .wmv on the first page the above site links to), and I honestly can't tell if it's her or someone who looks a great deal like her. It's short and very poorly lit. Certain expressions she makes do, indeed, look quite a bit like her.

All I can say is that if it's really her, she's a boring lay (which means an extra few minutes of many days will now be spent in more productive activities for me) :D

Re: Meg White Sex Tape

PostPosted: Mon Sep 24, 2007 1:29 pm
by judas gnb
actually viewing it now.if it is her then she screws like she drums

Re: Meg White Sex Tape

PostPosted: Mon Sep 24, 2007 7:36 pm
by Celestial Dung
Of all things Wikipidea has an statement on it.

"On September 24th 2007, a sex tape reportedly featuring Meg White and her former boyfriend was leaked to the Internet. Her representatives denied it was her on the tape.

The source of the report came from a posting on a web forum called "hipinion". A user started a thread entitled "MEG WHITE SEX TAPE"[14] which contained a single link to some amateur porn that had earlier been published on September 12th 2007, by the porn website Post Your Girls.[15]. After the link became widespread news, the original poster revealed that it was indeed a joke."

For her own sake I hope that's not her seeing as she already has enough anxiety issues.

Re: Meg White Sex Tape

PostPosted: Tue Sep 25, 2007 11:55 am
by Arkady
Poor thing I be she sues the shit out of the originator. If not, she should. Still, it can't do anything but help album sales. Honestly though, the new album stands on it's own. I would even go so far as to say it may be the best by the duo yet.

Re: Meg White Sex Tape

PostPosted: Tue Sep 25, 2007 1:09 pm
by Celestial Dung
I like the new album too, I think it adds a lot more to the White Stripes format without taking away the edge they've accumulated. I've had "Prickly Thorn, but Sweetly Worn" rotating in my head for quite a while now.

As for the possibility of a lawsuit, it might be more trouble then it's worth. Granted I think posting a video of someone's supposed sex life is despicable, I also believe that most of the time the court system is too much of a terror to deal with.

Edit: ok just found this on Youtube...a live performance of Prickly Thorn, but Sweetly Worn ... ed&search=

Re: Meg White Sex Tape

PostPosted: Wed Sep 26, 2007 9:21 am
by alexander
I just don't understand it. I have dozens of sex tapes and none ever get "leaked" to the internet. Go figure...... 8-)