Cow pig!

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Cow pig!

Postby iblis » Sun Jul 06, 2003 1:53 pm

Trippy. Cow. Pigs.
If carpenters made buildings the way programmers make programs, the first woodpecker to come along would destroy all of civilization. — Anonymous
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Postby MahoganyDawn » Sun Jul 06, 2003 11:24 pm

That was worse than the last one. Keep up the good work.
May your dreams be the future you could have had, and your nightmares be the realization that you destroyed your chance to make it reality.
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Postby Derk Jyslexic » Mon Jul 07, 2003 1:27 am

here u go ibbie-
have fun

sort the wheat from the chaff
send me the wheat for boozemakin'


Shes just the type of nice normal woman I figured you'd be with.
Only ..... I thought she'd be more ... inflatable.
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