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Local Recommendations?

PostPosted: Mon Dec 11, 2006 1:59 pm
by Elegy
Anna and I are leaving for Jacksonville, Florida next week, and I want to make sure that my car doesn't explode. It needs a nice tune-up before we hit the road. I know nothing about cars, so could someone suggest a nice place in town that won't rip me off? I've heard some tales of bad experiences with major auto repair chains.

PostPosted: Mon Dec 11, 2006 5:25 pm
by footprintzinthesand
Umm... don't go to Jiffy Lube... my brother went recently and they forgot to replace the oil plug or some shit like that... He has to get a new engine now... heard they've been doing that a lot lately...
aaaand, don't go to Wal-mart...
Where TO go, you ask? I don't know...

(yeah, that was real helpful...)

PostPosted: Mon Dec 11, 2006 6:12 pm
by Mother Mo
PepBoys will screw you, from what I hear. I use Firestone, but I'm sure I overpay them. :roll:

My brother lives in Jacksonville. He got a drunk driving citation on his bicycle a few years ago, so watch out for drunken losers on bikes! ;)

PostPosted: Wed Dec 13, 2006 8:47 pm
by Elegy
Thanks. Sometimes it's good just to know which places to avoid.