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My awsome artists friend's artwork

Postby Francesca » Mon Sep 03, 2007 7:36 am

One of my good friends, Julia Morgan Scott, is a fine artist and writer, I have a couple of her original works and her stuff is just amazing. She has done illustrations for sci-fi/fantasy publications, game cards and has won several art shows. Many of her works have a mythological element to them and she draws elements from multiple cultures to create her designs.

She was able to finally get a studio space of her own, and has recently matted a number of prints of works she has compiled over the years, and has put these prints up on eBay. She has mostly worked in acrylics but has been working in oils for the past couple of years and the work she is producing in it is astounding.

She's got all of her prints starting at $4.99 which is very affordable. Please consider supporting her works so she can keep her place for working.

My favorite is Firebird, best described as a red-headed, red-winged angel, swathed in red - it just blows me away.

I believe firebird is the second auction she has had listed under self-representing artists:

My other favorites are Anahita (Persian love goddess), Madonna of the Stars, and Snow Queen.
She has a couple of cutesy ones - "Naughty, Naughty" and "Kitty Hawk" that would be cute for a child's room.


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