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Max Payne fanfilm

Postby iblis » Sun Sep 25, 2005 6:49 pm

A rather famous Max Payne 'fanfilm' has been revisited, remastered, and featured on Mania TV, so I thought I'd post the re-made short, since no one else has on here - at least that I could find.

This was made by a film student on a serious budget, so obviously it's not going to have the same awe-inspiring special effects that you're used to drooling over. I think he did a good job of it, considering what he had to work with, and should at least get some of the publicity it deserves.

I'll also note that I had to watch it three times, once with sound, and twice without, to decide that it was good. This is because I've heard the background song so many times it makes me want to puke.

Note: I'm also doing a rare thing and cross-posting this between 'GothGeek' and 'ART FORUM:', as it's both a nice piece of art, as well as being based off of a video game. My reasoning for doing this is quite simple: some of the audiences might like it (or hate it) for completely different reasons, and I know plenty of people who never look at one or the other sections.
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