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Postby Misery_Chick » Wed Oct 12, 2005 8:41 pm

New here....duh. LOL

Me and the husband unit are planning to relocate to the Knoxville area, from the Tampa Bay area of Florida. Thought I'd start posting here to see if we can make a few friends and get a handle on the scene before we get there. We're eldergoths with a few kids at home, in fact we just got our first grandbaby a bit ago.....NO WE ARE not THAT old we started young, married at 16, been married 22 that is a long time!

Let's see what else, well I home school our youngest. I'm an artist and writer. Hubby is a welder (of 22 years), currently working as a supervisor at a structural steel company but he's done just about everything, trailers, heavy equipment, truck bodies. Any job leads? ;)

Oh well I guess I'll just jump right in.
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Postby karlaBOO » Wed Oct 12, 2005 9:26 pm

Hello! We'll look forward to your getting here then. When are you moving?

There are quite a few of us about that have little families. We try to get our children together once in awhile. One of our favorite places to do so closed, but has re-opened/is re-opening. It's cute coffee shop, with a front porch and back patio area. Less than 20 steps away is a park where we can take our littles. :)

It's wise to take a look in the upcoming events section to see what's going on. I'd post about the job thing in the general forum.

See you soon!
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Postby Misery_Chick » Wed Oct 12, 2005 9:36 pm

We don't have a date yet. As soon as I get things ready job, and housing wise. Probably not till after christmas, it could be sooner though, we just hate it here. It's so flat, hot, and expensive.
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Postby Asher » Wed Oct 12, 2005 10:53 pm

yay..another tampa transplant! welcome!

its much nicer here than least to me..but i live up here in gatlinburg and i dont care what anyone says..i like it.
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Postby Misery_Chick » Wed Oct 12, 2005 11:01 pm

We could end up in Gatlinburg...who knows. That's why I say the Knoxville area, hubby has some family in Seiverville. How long you been up there? What what you say the difference is cost of living wise? What about pay? Are you making more, less, or about the same?

And hey did you hang at the Castle when you were here in FL?
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Postby Asher » Wed Oct 12, 2005 11:08 pm

I went to the castle a few babies were little then so i didnt get out much.

We have been up here for..3 years i month will be 4. We have a good sized 3 bedroom for 750/ husband is a carpenter and we get on alright. The cost of living is much..much cheaper.
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Postby junkie christ » Wed Oct 12, 2005 11:25 pm

welcome new person.
i hung out here for years, but now that ive moved here i fucking love it. youve picked a good area.
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Postby The Fallen » Thu Oct 13, 2005 6:22 am

Welcome to Our Darkness
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Postby shadow dancer » Thu Oct 13, 2005 7:11 am

Welcome to the forum. I would say be careful about moving to Knoxville because something about it tends to suck people in to where they never leave, but I've lived here all my life and can't really complain. There are some larger cities that are close enough to make a short trip when Knoxville starts feeling too small.
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Postby Silent Huntress » Thu Oct 13, 2005 8:33 am


I've lived in South Knox for the last few years and love it. Older, more established neighborhoods, rent/housing prices are reasonable and the traffic doesn't suck. Knoxville is a lovely place to bring the family!
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Postby Mother Mo » Thu Oct 13, 2005 11:05 am

Salutations! I'm sure you'll enjoy it here. When you make it up, be sure to come out to Temple & Sanctus so we can introduce you around.

We have a considerable elder goth population to help you both feel at home , as well as lots of baby bats twittering about. My 2 are 13 & 15... what ages are yours?
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Postby Misery_Chick » Thu Oct 13, 2005 1:41 pm

We have a girl-10, boy-13, girl-19 and the grandbaby. I'm not sure if the oldest and the grandbaby will be coming or not.....that's a LONG story.

We will most definitely be coming to Temple & Sanctus when we get there, thanks for the offer to introduce us around. I've heard so many horror stories from friends that have moved away - "The scene is so tough...everyone here is snooty...bitchy...clicky....ect." Everyone here seems so nice, makes the move easier. It's hard to pick and go when you've lived somewhere your whole life.
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Postby The Stormstress » Thu Oct 13, 2005 4:53 pm

Grrreetingz! :twisted:
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Postby Sir Diddimus » Thu Oct 13, 2005 4:57 pm

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Postby Nigredo » Sat Oct 15, 2005 5:44 pm

:cat: WelcoMe :blackbat:
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Postby Coor » Sat Oct 15, 2005 7:55 pm

I moved to here from Daytona. A word of advice...the first winter will grab your ass...I never thought it would be that cold in TN...
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Postby The Lizard Princess » Thu Jan 05, 2006 9:41 pm

Welcome! ^_^ I live very close to Gatlinburg and I have to say it Can get abit boreing after awhile. BUT I've lived here my whole life so I guess its understandable that I'm board of it ^_^. but just to warn you Gatlinburg is really touristy("If it's tourist season, then why can't we shoot them?"). If you try and travel on the wrong day traffic can be really bad. I know its like that everywhere. but the tourists who come here seem to want to leave their brains at home most of the time, but the upside is that they leave all their money with the locals ^_^ Jobs arn't to bad to find but you really gotta look for the good ones, plus there a good sized arts and crafts community and your husbands welding skills might come in handy? even if not in arts and crafts. There seems to always be new chalets being built up on the mountain so I'm sure it won't be too difficult to find a good job. But I hope your move goes well where ever you decide to move!

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Postby gothic_spleen » Fri Jan 06, 2006 2:10 pm

welcome....Ive lived in tampa. I think you will like it here much better. Ever been to the castle? God I love YBOR. Hey I think we need to make an YBOR CITY here in knoxville. :twisted:
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