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Postby TheLustfulElf » Sun Aug 14, 2005 11:05 pm

There are a few reasons that Gemini get labeled as "two-faced". One (and typically the primary one) is that though Gemini's are very social and very emotional creatures always in the midst of things there is always a part of the Gemini (taking a quote here as best I can remember it from astrologer Jill Dearman) "sitting cross legged in the air like Endora on Bewitched watching everything that goes on completely detached, unbiased, and analyzing, laughing about it. (it was a bit more humorous than that of course but I no longer have the book and haven't read it in years so I had to improvise). 2. We tend to be a bit fickle and change our minds quickly and often, sometimes so much so that we seem to disagree with ourselves or be compulsive liars, yet contrary to popular belief at the time a Gemini makes a statement he typically vehementally and firmly believes it, however when he contradicts himself 5 minutes later he also vehemently and firmly believes it. 3. Stems from our deep attraction to all things dark and mysterious, yet at the same time most gemini's tend to be deeply compassionate and caring people (though I have run across a few who were so superficial and catty as to be completely callous and intolerable I've found that they are by far the exceptions to the rule). As for being bisexual, I have noticed that a larger percentage of Gemini's seem to be bisexual or homosexual than many other signs, but I believe this largely deals with our mutability which causes us to be typically quite liberal and open-minded, often to the point of making other liberals seem like right-wingers, and therefore I think we are a lot more willing to 1. explore and 2. accept typically shunned practices, I for one came out of the closet almost as soon as I realized I was in it and never really thought very much of it and I was raised in a very country family, in a very country part of the world, with very closeminded individuals all around. But then, I already knew that most of the people I was surrounded by were idiots anyways.
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