one last hello, or so

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one last hello, or so

Postby onyourfoot » Wed Jan 12, 2005 2:34 pm

By a wooden crock
every syllabi, uttered.
Spot Tim Tree.
Make a break you butter.
Aspirin- every silly bye.
Spot the chemist.
Every name your own.
Not one plurals left-handed.
Early, a little too.
To bee tray.
But hell, thats just my guess
and hell, south of ammonia
and thats its instant yellowness.
Missed; she did
Bloody called
the pimplings king.
sands as dirty.

Hers, remembering, damned.
oh butter that.
et mist or tune
foyeur on you.
bracer baby; have another
I suspect you run
he nail
see that
tweet tweet
loves a word rarer still
have a drink you coin
so let may chase me
damn that rips dead.
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