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brand newb

Postby debotchco » Sun Sep 19, 2004 7:44 am

a am debotchco and im new to this forum so be freindly unto me ...for we are one and the same. hey, that remindes me of a book i read about some guy that shaved his head and plagerized
a bunch of old wisdom in an effort to try to get layed. well, i guess thats pretty much every mans story. except the shaveing part. all though i do shave my head. wait a minute, i steal half the shit i say also. well i guess we are one and the same. oh, well. nothing wrong with plagery as long as its just a temparary cruch till i can form my own opinion. now that sounds inteligent dosn't it? it should, i slole that from mark twain. just goes to show. anyhow, please extend to me your every curtousy. in return i shall atempt to do unto you the same. goddam, i did it again, seemed the only christian thing to do at this point. i will leave you with this. if i misspell anything its not bad grammer or east tennessee's public educational system its for the kabbalist out there with free tyme on their hands. thank you and please comment.

post haste,
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Postby pink_spider11 » Sun Sep 19, 2004 7:56 am

hello :-)
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Postby Mother Mo » Sun Sep 19, 2004 4:57 pm

Salutations! :D
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Postby Cryso lueth Wylthen » Sun Sep 19, 2004 6:53 pm

Vendui? o.O
Aww crap, I'm legal >.<
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Postby The Stormstress » Sun Sep 19, 2004 8:00 pm

Grrreetingz & Velcum! ... if n-e-1 givz u crap over ur spelling, just tell them that I n-fected u ... ;-) :twisted:
If u r such a vamp, then bite me, bitch! :twisted:
The Stormstress
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Postby jjenisis » Mon Sep 20, 2004 7:54 am


I give her sadness and the gift of pain,
a new moon madness and a love of rain.
- - - -Dorothy Parker "The Godmother
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Postby Lost Traveler » Mon Sep 20, 2004 11:30 am

Fashion is FOR Victims...-LT.
..The men in black, thier lips are sealed...-BOC
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Postby Nigredo » Mon Sep 20, 2004 1:34 pm

Welcome to are DOOM. :boom:
Hate finds fertile soil so easily. ~Diary of Dreams
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Postby Ryuu_Draven » Mon Sep 20, 2004 2:44 pm

Welcome to another new person! Good to see I'm not the only one who got sucked into this group ;-) Must come to 11th st...

-Ryuu (Candi)
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Postby 4X541N7 » Mon Sep 20, 2004 7:59 pm

Beware the Grammer Nazi Party then! :twisted:

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Postby Codeine Coma » Tue Sep 21, 2004 5:33 pm

Yes, I have wished you were dead. You are just another face in the crowd, someone who brings me suffering, someone I truely hate.
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