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Author Update

Postby keltora » Thu Dec 29, 2005 10:27 am

Hi, Gang.

Yeah, it's me again, out here to toot the old horn. (Knew I should have laid off the beans... ;) )

Anyway, I am here to update ya'll on what's going on with me and my books.

I received a big box of advance reading copies of my novel DRAGON'S TONGUE from my publisher. They are slated to be put in the hands of various reviewers.

Yep, I am being Promoted Heavily by Meisha Merlin for this particular book, and have already been contacted by the distributor to set up meetings with their reps at Ingrams, and to set up booksignings at various places within driving distance of K-Town.

DRAGON'S TONGUE is officially set for release on March 28, 2006. You can preorder from any online store (except Amazon--they haven't gotten on the stick yet) or through your local bookseller.

And yes, this book should actually be IN bookstores.

Five Star Press has set publication date for THE HOUNDS OF ARDAGH in October 2006. No cover as of yet, but then they generally don't have one available until a few months before the book goes to press.

WANDERING LARK, sequel to DRAGON'S TONGUE is slated to appear in the summer of 2007.

And we're still waiting to hear when BAD LANDS is set for publication.

Meanwhile, I am negotiating contracts for future works, including the next series of books in the Ard-Taebh Chronicles (a trilogy titled "The Mageborn King" which include RAVEN IN THE SHADOWS, ROGUE IN THE SHADOWS and KING IN THE SHADOWS) and a standalone novel titled THE LUNARI MASK (set in Mallow, I tend to refer to this as my "Granny Weatherwax meets Pirates of the Caribbean" novel, but with darker tones), and I am currently putting together a collection to be titled TALES FROM THE TAMHASG WOOD, bringing together the past published tales of Ginny and Manus and Thistle (which appeared in various volumes of SWORD & SORCERESS and in my electronic collection KELTORA, LAND OF MYTH and Marion Zimmer Bradley's FANTASY Magazine) along with several new stories and a new novella as one of my publishers has expressed keen interest in doing it, and of course, all Ginny's fans are eager to have the stories available since HOUNDS OF ARDAGH is set in her world as well.

So yeah, this writer is very busy battling the Evil Empire Citibank and still managing to hold down a fulltime job while working on novels and short stories.

Which reminds me, INTERNATIONAL HOUSE OF BUBBAS is now available from Yard Dog Press. The latest installment in the BUBBAS OF THE APOCALYPSE series contains my short story "The Blight of the Memphis Belle."

And if you're quick, you might still catch one of the "limited" edition copies--the cover says INTERNATIIONINTERNATIONAL HOUSE OF BUBBAS...

Yeah, the designer's head almost rolled over that one... ;)

Laura J. Underwood
Black Hunters, Demons and Bogies--Oh, MY!
ChRONICLES OF THE LAST WAR available from Yard Dog Press
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