It's that CONiving Author Again...

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It's that CONiving Author Again...

Postby keltora » Thu Jul 29, 2004 2:47 pm

Back with a special report of all the conventions I have attended in the last couple of weeks.

Yes, I have been Very Busy, writer wise...

So below are the report of the two cons I have been at in the past two weeks.

CONESTOGA 8 :fencing:

Or, It's Good to Be a Writer...

Especially when the nice folk are treating you so well.

On Thursday, I set out to reach Selina Rosen's house. Got there in time for dinner. Stephe Pagel of Meisha Merlin and his assistants, Joy and Lynn arrived later and we all sat around chatting.

Being first up in the morning, I made coffee (my way) which I shared with Zane and Joy of EDGE BOOKS (who arrived after everyone else went to bed). They left and I made "Selina Coffee" (weak caffeine water) and got dressed.

After a hearty breakfast, we all hit the road. Made it to Tulsa in plenty of time to get settled in, say hellos, and even rest a bit before my first panel.

ADVICE TO PROS ABOUT CONS was a discussion of how pros need to behave. Julia was a good moderator. *g*

Then at 5:30, I had a reading where I presented a new story "Nice Truck" to a very receptive audience. Of course, I had a receptive audience only after Selina Rosen went out and threatened to disrobe if people didn't come to my reading... (Must remember this for future readings).

Opening Ceremonies was a hoot.

Then a gang of us walked over to the Dixie Cafe for a meal and insanity. It was fun.

Saturday, I had three panels. "When the Editor wants a Rewrite" wherein we told horror stories as well as why and when authors should listen and when they should put their foot down and stet such things--and of course, how to politely find a way to compromise. The Meisha Merlin panel was a Stephe talks about Meisha Merlin's plans here for the near and far future, though he could not tell people a lot at this time (stuff still in negotiation).

Finally, I moderated "The Stenchless Chamberpot" where we talked about realism in writing, then shifted to resources for writers.

At 3:00 I signed many copies of many books for adoring fans.

At 6:00 FENCING! Yes, Selina managed to arrange for me to go out and live up to my usual reputation of being a terror for other fencers. Of course, I had a good time and I enjoyed fencing with new people.

But then they all deserted me, and I had no one to have dinner with (seriously, fencing stopped, I looked up and EVERYONE was GONE!). I moped around, feeling sorry for myself when these nice people from Iowa agreed to go to dinner with me. (Than you Tom and Jan. *g*)

Came back in time to watch "The Play" and the masquerade and had fun.

Parties were fews this year, but the few were fun. Crashed after midnight...

Got up Sunday, packed my luggage back into the truck, then got back in time to be on the Yard Dog Press panel. HUGE event since there were literally 20 or more writers of YDP present, and we still had a bigger audience.

Lunched with Julia and Mel (much fun), then came back for my 2:00 pm panel where I was moderator again on "Writing While Holding Down a Day Job."

After that, wandered around telling folks goodbye. Hopefully, security knew that they could retire the shadows (Yes, security, bless them, had "shadows" making sure I was not being bothered by the certain problem that shall remain nameless but fortunately did not show its face...) as I didn't get a chance to say thank you to Ogre and the crew. Then went to early dinner with Lynn and Selina before heading back to Selina's house.

Got up early Monday and made my way home.

Was a very good weekend.

Now...up for Trinoc*Con!


So I hauled out not quite as early as intended on Friday, but being that Durham is a mere six hours over the mountains, I was not worried about the later departure.

No real delays until I got to Winston-Salem (which seems to be eternally under construction), so I rolled into the parking garage across from the Marriott and the convention center. Got inside and got my badge, then starting
looking around. Nothing was actually happening before 4:00, but I started seeing people around. Caught up with Jana Oliver and chatted with her, then Susan Simko and minions (Mildred Perkins and Birdie and author Kate
Laity) arrived. Ran into Sharon and Steve who showed me the box with a chapter of their book sealed into it that was to go into the charity auction. A cool piece of work created by Kate Lebherz-Gelinas.

There was a panel titled "What's Hot in Speculative Fiction" at 4:00 that no one was really scheduled to do, but I was asked if I would be one of the panelist. Sat in and shared my thoughts.

Caught up with Stephe Pagel who was setting up his table. He let me put the copies of CHRONICLES OF THE LAST WAR that I brought along with the MM books for sale. Then saw Bud Webster and Lee Martindale.

At 4:30, the dinner buffet was open, so Lee, Jana and I made like hobbits for the food and had our fill of lovely chicken and pork and other good things (including a delicious apple pie). Afterwards, I joined Steve Miller,
Jana Oliver and one other author for "Money Flows TO the Writer." We discussed the differences between vanity, self-publishing, PoD and warned folks against such companies as iUniverse, American Publishing, PublishAmerica, and others.

At 9:00, Opening Ceremonies ensued, in spite of a lack of Cash Bar. We had a good time, and stayed quite late (because Kate L. had a reading), then I followed Susan, Birdie and Kate (Mildred rode with me to keep me awake) to Susan's house where I spent an hour playing with Hemmy, the new kitten before we all crashed for the night.

Saturday, we got back in time for me to make my 11:00 am panel "How a Manuscript Becomes a Book." I leapt out to the truck to snarf down lunch, then back in to sign at 1:00 pm. At 2:00, I had a reading where I read DRAGON'S TONGUE to a receptive small crowd. Sold a few items and rushed around a bit before havingrlydinner with Susan and a few others, then back so Susan could do the auction preparation. I spent some time in the art room as I had agreed to be one of the judges for the art show (which was fun--I had never done it before), then spent a little time surfing the web to remind myself of a few facts, then joined Bud Webster at 8:00 pm for Dead Authors Speak. I was Poe and a gentleman by the name of Henderson was Howard, and we had a fine session.

At 9:00, I joined several other authors and editors and artist GoH Jael for a panel on "Self Censorship" where we discussed the ins and outs of how we censored ourselves or had been censored.

I stayed and watched the Auction (my chapbook donation was a copy of "The Kelpie of Loch Fuil" and it earned $27.00 for the Illiteracy Fund). It was fun.

Finally, we dragged back over to Susan's. This time we stayed up later, and I was the one who had the 10:00 am panel on Southern Fried Horror. We spent a lot of time promoting YDP's Bubbas Books.

I was free after that. Spent some time at the MM table convincing people to Buy My Books! (And successfully sold three of the five copies I brought along while I was there--one had sold earlier.) Settled up, then went over and sat around the Art Auction until the crew finished up. Then back to Susan's where we had steaks and watched a really classy movie titled "The Skeleton of Cadavra" followed by "Killer Klowns from Outer Space..."

Okay, so maybe they were not so classy, but Skeleton was quite funny as it was a satire on B&W films from the 50s and 60s). It's one I may have to add to my own DVD collection. It's a hoot.

Stayed up late just talking. Rose at a leisurely hours, had lunch and said my goodbyes to my wonderful hostess, her cute kitties and my friends.

And made it home in spite of Thunderstorms, Construction, Accidents and General Stupidity on the Part of Other Drivers...

It was a good weekend, but I am glad I have five weeks before WorldCon...

Speaking of which, I got my schedule for WorldCon. I have a reading on Sunday. Autographing and Musketeers on Saturday, a mid morning panel Friday and a 6:00 pm panel Thursday. Plus I agreed to do opening ceremonies stuff and am hoping to get a reading in the SFF.Net suite and work the SFWA table.

Things are definitely looking up.

Laura J. Underwood
Black Hunters, Demons and Bogies--Oh, MY!
ChRONICLES OF THE LAST WAR available from Yard Dog Press
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