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Postby Coor » Thu Jan 15, 2004 9:42 am

Book: 10,000 Dreams interpreted
Author: Pamela Bell
Section: New Age/World Religions
Price: 10.99 (at Hasting's in Maryville)

OK, I really like how the book was set up. For each dream image there are threee interpertations, each not far from each other. The first is conventional interpertation. Second is the psyological interpertation. This one is based on Freud and Juno's studies. The third is the spirtual. Even though, I have never really got those, I bet they help someone. The first 80 some odd pages are about psycology, and dreaming, and the person. It talks about how everything does not always apply to everyone. I liked it and thought I should share.
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