Joyce Carol Oates "Beasts"

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Joyce Carol Oates "Beasts"

Postby Celestial Dung » Wed Jan 07, 2004 1:31 pm

Joyce Carol Oats is one Hell of a sytlists but also one hard of a hard read. She's the only person alive who can get away with writing in only Adjectives, Adverbs, and nouns. She quitens down a bit with Beasts though.

Beasts is the straightes story she's ever told. I mean this I mean you gcan go through chapters reading it only once and have a firm grasp about what went on. What's going on? Young College girls hooks up with cool ass literary professor and his sculptress wife. She gets degraded a bit and starts to unravel emotinally.

And damn that does it no justice.

Ok one more time with guts. Beats is about the exhaustion of the human spirit and how we kill it. Anyone who has ever stressed during school can relate to the emotional upheavel of our corfield heroine Gillian Brauer goes through and under. It's about wanting something so bad that even if it stabs you in the heart with a cancer stick you still come back begging for it's attention. It's about killing yourself so a diseased love can abide. It's about trapping yourself in mental anguish so the only way out is to vandalize the corridors.

Highly reccomended and may I say only 138 pages long so a good fun read to mess up your noggin.

Oh yeah, Very Gothic.
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