Stephen King "From a Buic 8"

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Stephen King "From a Buic 8"

Postby Celestial Dung » Wed Jan 07, 2004 1:23 pm

This is where King has disentergrated. His later novels require phillosphical points. Nothing against the phillosphical in fiction, King's own "It" was a wonderful take on the importance of ritual in childhood.

But this is King at his old teacher worst. See this book is about how life is a chain of events but these links mean nothing except in hinsight. No really it's about a link of events, and how humans are futile in trying to learn something from them. No see it's about how everything is linked together and humans are incapable of discerning a useful pattern in time to affect everything.

I made my point so now I must move on. I wish King would have done the same thing.

An interesting note though. King as expressed some admiration for Lovecraft and in this book it shows in the descriptions. From a Buick is loosely about a troople of police officers that have a Buic that that strange shit. And one of the shitters is producing creatures from outside our world. King gives these creatures small earthlike qualities but in all mention that the are too abnormal and outside our world to give a decent description.

This works on the level of otherness. It is clear that these cretures are beyond human senses. So what else to do but give out a Lovecraftian description? Kind of makes me wish he would have dedicated the book to Lovecraft you know.

Characterwise King isn't on the mark. The problem with reading a lot of author is that they tend to base their chracters around the same principles. King is still stuck on Blue Collar Joe's with good old boys Values. That this book is based Pennsylvania instead of Maine is eas yto forget at times. These Pennsyvania cops suspeicously sound a lot like Maine inhabitants.

King still keeps his gift of gab though. Plus he's fianally getting better at those endings you know. It's not good good pat down and everything is ok.

In all...slightly reccomded and defenitly worth a check out from the library.
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