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Get the ball rolling...

Postby DarkFaerie » Fri May 14, 2004 12:30 am

I noticed there hasn't been any activity on here for a while. So I thought I would start a topic.

What projects are you working on at the moment?

I have been playing with making cigar box purses. They had a sale at Joanns for the boxes a few weeks ago but when I went they were sold out so I took the ad to A.C. Moore and got better quality cigar boxes for the Joanns sale price hehe.
I also have tons of unfinished projects >.< Too many to name.

Anyone else?
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Postby Hardcoregirl » Fri May 14, 2004 6:34 am

So many projects, so little time:

I repainted this antique milk canister thing for my grandma. She wants some victorian flowers she picked out of a book of mine decoupaged onto it. I gotta go get color copies to finish it.

I have this really cool mirror frame I got from Knox Rail Salvage one day when I went there with Thrall and Darkvader. I have painted it black, and might go over it with silver for a pewter look. Anyone know where you can get mirror glass cut to fit a frame??

I'm working on lots of home improvement at the moment. If anyone wants to come help me spackle and sand and paint and refinish cabinets...come on over!!

I've been working on refinishing this desk I have FOREVER. I've got it sanded, and part of it stained with a "bombay mahogany" stain. I have to fill in some scratches on the top and figure out what to do about the drawer I had to toss because I left it out in the rain.

Gardening as normal. I've sprouted some basil, oregano, cilantro, delphinium, mullein pinks, bolivian rainbow chili peppers, petunias, and I have more seeds I gotta plant.

I have a lunchbox I got on clearance at Target a long time ago that I want to cover in various band and bettie page stickers. However, those cost

I've been collecting more and more catholic holy cards and saint medallions. Not sure what I'm gonna end up doing with'll be cool.

There is a big sheet of glass in the yard that I am going to make into a cold frame which is used to overwinter plants. I finished "the most ghetto potting bench in the world" a few weeks ago. Power tools!!! Weeee!!

So, yeah, I have about 10 billion ideas and no time (working 2 jobs and going to skool) or money to do them in!! Sucks being creative and not being able to do what you want when you have the motivation!
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Postby snarfcat » Fri May 14, 2004 10:06 am

I also have several home improvement type things I'm doing (or trying to get to)

putting up crown molding in the house. Our house is VERY old and VERY crooked... so this is proving to be a huge challenge. all rooms except the bathroom and our small addition need the molding put up... unfortunately, the molding is a lot more straight then the walls/ceilings are..

extending the walkway from the front porch to the driveway. right now it only goes half way, made up of flat stones found from the cliff that makes up our back yard... so far the ground is dug up, and ready fo rthe stones to be laid..

main flower bed needs to be totally overhauled... old great great grandmother's rose bush needs to be transplanted to new location and everything else needs to be dug up and new plants need to be planted. oh and the sedum plant also needs transplanting to new location.

Strawberry patch needs weeding and ripe strawberries need to be picked... bugs are eating them.

new curtains need to finally be made for office... I have the fabric, it's kind of red wine colored and has creme scripting on it, almost looks like da vinci's writing...
One new valance needs to be made for 3rd kitchen window. 2 of the windows have their valance, and have had them for a long time but I've been procrastinating on the third valance. silly.

I need to make a new skirt for myself... almost all my skirts are homemade and I've had them for so long, it'd be nice to have a new one that maybe fits a little better.

I'd like to look into how to make corsets. I have a fascination with corsets and love them very much, but they are tooooo expensive to buy. So, I need to learn how to make them. The boning throws me off though, so it will take some research to learn how to properly reinforce it so it doesn't fall apart with heavy cinching.

need to decide if I'm having a veggie garden this year. I've procrastinated enough on it and it's probably too late for a good amount... but last year's 15 diff veggies overwhelmed me, so apparently I'm taking the opposite road and not doing any. I do have lettuce, and chives growing... but that's it.
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Postby DarkFaerie » Fri May 14, 2004 6:40 pm

I'm not gonna bother with any home improvements since we will be moving soon. But I have been busy with orders for a couple dresses and fairy wings for a friend of mine who lives in Nashville.
This year I have a weed garden lol. My mom in law has been doing her garden up nice and she lives across the street so I just look at hers and admire it this year heh. I still have some seeds left over from last year when I did my "black" garden all the fruits and veggies and flowers were black that was fun ^_^. My mom in law is teaching me to knit also which is fun. I also got a program called PC Stitch and you can make your own cross stitch patterns. So i'e been going crazy and making diffrent patterns that I probally wont finish anytime soon hehe. If anyone wants a burned copy i can make ya one. It's a really simple program to use.
I am also collecting old barbies and am going to redo them. Reroot the hair and make some nice dresses for them. I just really with I had the time to do everything. Have to watch the kids ( mine and my hubbys little brither and sisters) and cook dinner.
I have so many boxes of unfinished projects and fabric its not even funny.
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Postby satanskitten » Fri May 14, 2004 8:57 pm

Lets see..I just finished knitting a baby blanket for a friend. and While I have many knitting and crochet projects that I only work on occasionally, I will be starting to knit curtains very soon. Hopefully in the next couple of days assuming I can get to the store and find what I need.
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