Bugs on the new phpBB version

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Bugs on the new phpBB version

Postby DarkVader » Thu Aug 23, 2007 11:15 am

Put your bug reports here.

The buttons in the post window not working is a known issue, I'm already working on it.

And I know the links to other web sites open in the same window, over the forum. That's the designed behavior, and they aren't planning on fixing it. I'm looking for a patch that works, all of the ones I've tried do not work right.

Flash tags do not work.

So, post anything else in this thread.
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Re: Bugs on the new phpBB version

Postby iblis » Thu Aug 23, 2007 7:39 pm

BUGS! :mrgreen:

every character and mouse click in the edit box causes a javascript error in firefox. that's because we get 404 errors on "http://www.knoxgothic.com/forum/styles/KG_purple/template/editor.js", i think. also, 404's on "http://www.knoxgothic.com/forum/styles/KG_purple/template/forum_fn.js" and "http://www.knoxgothic.com/forum/styles/KG_purple/template/styleswitcher.js" - fixing that *might* fix the smiley issue as well.

while racking up over 1,000 JS errors in a single post is cool and all... ;)

i'll post any others firebug finds for me.
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