Knoxville restaurant reviews. Where do you like to eat? Where do you hate?

Postby Jack » Sun Dec 04, 2005 4:04 pm

Coor wrote:Don't dis on corportations because they are succesful...

The only thing I'm dissing at all is the decision to eat at certain places.

Most restaurants seem to me to be places that only rich old people with nothing better to do would choose to eat it.

I only go out to eat if the food is in some way very interesting or reasonably priced. I don't go out to spend $20 on fried rice and chicken, or a steak and mashed potatos. And I would never be a chef somewhere that required me to stifle my creativity by being that boring.

Like I said, if you dig sushi, by all means, go eat sushi. It's hard to make yourself and even if it's not done wonderful it's still an interesting experience.

But there is a real and sad lack of authentic Japanese entree-driven restaurants in this town. There is more authentic Korean and Chinese places than Japanese, which is just sad.
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Postby Onibubba » Tue Dec 06, 2005 11:23 am

I see what you're saying Jack. And I agree. When I go out, or, as is more often the case, take out, I want it to be something that I cannot duplicate at home for less. If I want a steak I'll cook it. If I want pasta, I'll cook it.

So when I go out, it is usually for Asian food. Sure, I can make a decent stir fry or curry, but not one as remarkable as the amazing Taste of Thai - my favorite restaurant in town.

As far as sushi goes, I've had it all over the US, and it is seldom bad. How do you really fuck it up assuming you use fresh quality indgediants? Some places do things better than others, or have a broader selection, but I have had excellent sushi in Knoxville. Anyplace that serves up Otoro is tits in my books.

I also wish there was a better Chinese restaurant in Knoxville. A few are OK - I do love the Kung Pao Beef at Mandarin House, and they make a mean hot and sour soup. But I would fucking kill for some decent pot stickers or Dim Sum.

For sit down meals, Kaya is the best for your buck. Nothing beats an assortment of kim chee and that awesome cold noodle soup. I have been meaning to check out one of the Vietmamese places. I love Pho in the winter time.
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