Hannah's in the Old City receives lowest health score ever

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Hannah's in the Old City receives lowest health score ever

Postby Scorptrio » Thu May 20, 2004 9:35 pm

I just watched Fox 43 New's Food for Thought. They report on the results of local health inspections of restaurants and bars. Hannah's in the Old City received the lowest score ever. There were moldy old rugs in the kitchen sink, a leaky dishwasher, moldy lemons in the refrigerator along with a bad smell, dirty microwave, no hot water or soap at the bartenders' sink, bugs in the kitchen and more. Hannah's in the Old City has been on my off-list since they refused to let Mercury Griffin in for the way he was dressed. If I were you, I'd think twice about eating or drinking there although, of course, the owners claim they have corrected all the violations. Though it hasn't been updated with this story yet, when the FOX 43 site does post its report, it will be at:


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