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Music Store Trading

Postby Celestial Dung » Wed Sep 26, 2007 2:50 pm

Ok primarily I'm excited about the new Amazon mp3 store

It's inexpensive, it's DRM free, and everything is encoded at 256. Selection is of decent size but not as[/url] large as Itunes. I can find all the Rasputina I want but not the last album by Voltaire and only two songs by the White Stripes. Projekt is well represented at least.

Again inexpensive, again DRM free, and the encodes vary song to song settling around 192. Selection is limited to independent artists. It's a great grab for 25 free songs but the subscription service leads me a little off. I mean what if I can't afford ten bucks a month?

One of my favorites because it's cheap..I mean free even. Ogg vorbis and mp3 tracks. It's creative commons stuff so as you might suspect we're talking independent as in singular independent. I mean this is loner status here. Lots of world music in there too. My favorite so far is t r y ^ d, a kind of dancy across the boarders type of music.

So anyway that's my three, anyone else got favorites?
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