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Before and after metal show

Postby Celestial Dung » Thu Feb 01, 2007 6:10 pm

...also known as the "Let's all kick CD in the head thread."

Last week I won a free ticket to see Mastodon, Coverage, and Priestess. Me and Melanie were happily going to Wal-mart and 90.3 was doing the promotion. I became the third caller, gave them the information, and happily told Melanie I won.

"So what kind of music does Mastodon play?" Melanie asked, being very happy for me.

"Don't know."

"Oh." Melanie said, trying her best to be happy for me.

Ok that's a small fib. I knew Mastodon was some sort of new legendary metal band that all the power heads are getting into. I just didn't know what the bloody they sounded like. Metal is a style of music that varies from blood to blood I've discovered.

Anyway as I fun trick I've decided to write down my preconceptions of the bands performing tonight nd later after I've come home I will give a small sort of review of the batlle scars I will obtain.

That's Mastodon with "Colony of Birchman" it's got a type of cult hype around it, supposed to be the next best new thing in metal or at least cement the reputation. So far the guitar kicks are good, a little stoney for my tastes but I can deal. Is he supposed to sound like Ozzy?

Priestess with Lay down. I think I gotta winner, they contain more classic late sixties hard rock motif. Probably be the band I'll go for strongest.

As for coverage, I found them online a few days ago but sort of misplaced them. Hardcore for the most part, strange angry white man music per total. Probably wont get into them as much but there's still tonight...
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