Hidden Tool track on 10,000 Days

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Hidden Tool track on 10,000 Days

Postby elasticwings » Mon Jun 19, 2006 11:24 am

Don't know if anybody on here has come across this, but if somebody is willing to put forth the time to do it, apparently three tracks on the cd can be blended in and sync to make a new song.

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Postby junkie christ » Mon Jun 19, 2006 11:43 am

i knew that the back masking in intension was actually know thy enemy, but this sounds like another mashup horseshit speech.
ive got sonar, im dumping them together

neurosis did this with two cds, grace and times of grace but theirs was intentional and sounded much better.
wings and 10,000 days are pretty much the same song
these are the same riffs, same time sigs, ect.
its not shocking
the noise track playing over it is just kinda considence or a manipulation of the same song
i mean this song is one of the most repetitive things ive heard in my life.
i like 10,000 days, but its a road trip or im really stoned ONLY song.
i never liked the wings for marie part, but it does sound cool blended into the other song.
alot of this is just fucking jumbled and the delays on the guitar in wings dont even come in the ball park of synched.
naround the 8:20 or so marker the jumble over the good part of 10,000 days is proof theres just some random moments this mashup works and some it doesnt because the mashup falls the hell apart
the 9:30 or so area where it all gets heavy together is really damned cool but both versions of the end the exact same so that was kinda expected.

neurosis Grace + Times of Grace == 10,000 times better.
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