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14" crt monitor

Postby iblis » Mon Jul 10, 2006 8:06 pm

we're moving, and during the course of lifting and organizing crap, it's been decided by the powers that beâ„¢ that we have too many computer monitors.

bear has a flat screen, and my workstations are surrounded by the glow of both a 17" and a 21" CRT (thanks 'vader!), and we both have individual kvm switches.

thus, if anyone wants a used 14" crt monitor, we're putting it up for grabs as free or $5 USD - the first best offer wins.

no warrantee, no guarantee. if money is offered, i will plug it up to make sure it works prior to handing it over, but that's pretty much it.

PM me if you're interested. :mrgreen:
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