Living Dead Dolls 'Jeepers' 2005 club mez exclusive...

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Living Dead Dolls 'Jeepers' 2005 club mez exclusive...

Postby abreeskye » Fri Sep 09, 2005 9:07 pm

Anyone else out there collect Living Dead Dolls?

If you do, and live near me, and I sort of know you and all....and you don't have a club mez membership...

And you WANT the new 'Jeepers' exclusive doll...let me know, and when I order mine, I can order one for you too :) She is adorable, limited to 1,666 dolls (250 of which are rare glow in the dark variants) and she ships in October...but I will need to get the order in ASAP...

Especially considering how quickly the Edward Scissorhands dolls went...and they were limited to 2000!

If you haven't seen her, go to she is so ADORABLE...and only 35 bucks! I only wish I could have paid that for my Edward, instead of the 80 bucks I had to pay for him....BECAUSE I DIDN'T ORDER QUICKLY ENOUGH, lol.

I can order up to 8 of them with my membership...
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