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Postby tearsofisis » Tue Mar 08, 2005 11:51 pm

I have two oceanic aquariums that must go - I have a 150 gal and 100 gal. Both of them come with complete set up and stands. I am selling them both for 1000.00 - that is a steal! considering that the 150 gal alone cost me 4000.00 dollars my pain is your gain. If you want to buy them separately that's fine too! That means 500.00 a piece. It has to be cash no checks and you must have the means and the manpower to move them. The 150 gal took 5 people to move and the 100 gal took 4 people to move just to give you an idea. PM me if you are interested I need to get these out of my house and quick we are moving to Florida and can not take them with us! You could not get anything like I've got for the price I am asking - Oceanic aquariums are top of the line - if you have been to Mandrian House and looked at their aquariums then you have seen a Oceanic. GREAT DEAL!
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