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Cheap complete Computer for Sale & Parts!

Postby Thor » Wed Feb 02, 2005 10:45 pm

I have a Gateway model P5-166. I do not know much about, but it works. My parents got a new computer and gave this to me.
It has a 15" color monitor. Keyboard,mouse, nice speakers that say Gateway 2000. It has a CD drive unknown speed, 3.5" drive. Has a working modem ( 56K I believe, but not sure ). It currently has Windows 95 installed, would be great to upgrade to windows 98. Has a 4 gig hard drive. This computer is great to surf the web, and check e-mail. Do to limited storage space, not so good to play or store games. $90.00 or best offer!

Here is some extras I have.

Ethernet PCI Card 10/100Mbps EZ Card by SMC networks new in box ( model SMC1244 TX ). Says on the box, Connects to LANS at 200Mbps, Diagnostic LEDs, simultaneous transmission and reception in full duplet mode etc... 15.00

Philips CD/rw drive model CDD4801/72.
This is a working CD re-writer. That is not compatible with windows XP:( It works great with windows, 98,ME,2000 and maybe others. 15.00

Feel free to PM, or e-mail with questions. As I will try to answer, but know very little about the computer for sale! I by the way live in West Knoxville!
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