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Playboy magazine collection

Postby FreakySeekers » Tue Aug 03, 2004 9:39 pm

We've got a collection of older Playboy magazines...mostly 1975 to 1981, a few later. Most of them are in good to excellent shape, they've been sitting in boxes undisturbed for about 20 years. So if you are into vintage nekkid ladies and articles about what coke spoon necklace will go best with the spiffy new bell bottoms you bought to wear to Studio 54, you should contact us.

I've done a little research into thier value...if I knew anything about selling collectible mags, I could prolly get some good $ for them...but I dont, and dont want the hassle of selling them individually, shipping, etc., so we are willing to let them go fairly cheap. If you know something about them and can make a profit, we're fine with that. But we do want to sell the whole collection.

Oh, and for you two wheel types, i've also got some Easyriders and Iron Horse mags, mostly from the 80's.

Obviously, these are adult oriented mags, so we will only sell them to people of legal age. PM us if you are interested.
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