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car for sale.

Postby The Countess » Mon Jul 28, 2003 12:57 am

I thought I would give everyone a chance on KG before I posted this in the newspaper. It is my understanding that some of you need a car. I am selling my car and if anyone is interested you can contact me by PM on KG. It is a buick skylark custom 1994 grayblue. It is in excellent condition all around for age and miles. It is a good car to use for to and from work. New brakes, oil change, balance and rotate of tires etc..... All interior is original. I have taken good care of this car and if anyone needs a reliable car then you should take a look at it. I am asking for 4500.00 in cash. I will not accept payments - Sorry but NO! Please contact me at above e-mail address ONLY IF YOU ARE SERIOUS about scheduling a time and place to look at car. I will only wait for one week and then I am putting in local paper so there is a timelimit here.


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